Cedric Staub

Software / Security Engineer


Hi, I’m Cedric, a Software Engineer and Engineering Manager specializing in Information Security. I graduated from ETH Zurich in Switzerland with a degree in Computer Science and Information Security. I currently work at Pinterest, and was previously at Square.


I wrote the following open-source projects:

  • Ghostunnel, a simple TLS proxy with mutual authentication and access control for securing non-TLS services. Supports short-lived certificates, comes with built-in metrics, and works with SPIFFE. I originally wrote Ghostunnel at Square and continue to maintain it today.

  • Go JOSE, an implementation of the Javascript Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) standard written in Go. Useful as a building block for the implementation of JOSE-based protocols. Used in Boulder, an ACME CA implementation that powers Let’s Encrypt. I originally wrote Go JOSE at Square, and it’s maintained by Let’s Encrypt today.

For other open-source projects I work on, see my GitHub profile.


You can reach me via email at css (at) this domain.